Partners in Education

pie_logoWilson Orthodontics is proud to introduce our Partners in Education Program. This program is being started as a way to give back to the children and their education. Here at Wilson Orthodontics, we recognize the difficult economic times that we are in and we are trying to do our part to help! The State of Georgia has experienced a double digit decline in its revenues ten out of the last eleven months. Because of this, the State of Georgia has had to severely cut its budget. What does this mean? The state funding for our local school systems has been dramatically reduced and some school programs even eliminated.

With this in mind, Dr. Ron Wilson and our entire orthodontic team have committed to donating directly to the local school systems with the launch of our Partners in Education Program. For each patient that begins treatment during the 2010-2011 school year, Wilson Orthodontics will donate $100 in his or her name to our education fund that will be distributed to our local school systems throughout the year.

Georgia is blessed to have many precious resources, but none are as valuable or as important as our children, and much of their success hinges on education. As a team, we recognize that the abiding success of our state lives within our children and that investing in their future is essential. Wilson Orthodontics is 100% committed to giving back to the local community and is proud to initiate the Partners in Education Program!


Dr. Ron Wilson and the Wilson Orthodontics Team!