If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

– Dr. Edward Kelly, D.D.S. – 
“I saw young Danielle yesterday for a prophy, and everyone in the office was commenting on what a beautiful job you folks did with her ortho. That smile truly looked great, textbook!”

– Cheryl Howington – 
“We have been so pleased with Dr. Wilson and his staff. His office hours have worked out well for our schedule. I have 2 children in braces at the same time, so scheduling is most important and it has worked out nicely! He also frequently updates us on the progress of my children’s teeth and orthodontic plan of care. That keeps us in the loop and aware of where we are in the big picture. Also, their orthodontic care is now at my fingertips! I no longer have to wait until the office opens to see when my next appointment is. An office that is up to date on technology rocks!!! I just checked my kids next appointment and it’s 11pm at night! Looking at their pictures are kinda cool too!

– Lequita Smith – 
“Your office is so different from others. It doesn’t even seem like you are going to a Doctor’s office -it just feels like you are visiting friends. I love the friendly atmosphere – I felt like I was truly welcome and I was never made to feel like “just a patient” – I always felt special! I have always been a “teeth person” admiring other peoples teeth and wishing that I had that “hollywood” smile. When I came in to talk about getting braces I was 43 years old. I was so scared and unsure of what to expect. Everyone in the office went above and beyond the call of duty to make me feel at ease. I LOVE MY NEW SMILE!! Dr. Wilson, you are incredible and your staff is second to none! THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart for giving me the “hollywood” smile I always dreamed of having. I went to my dentist after getting my braces off and the staff there all said to me “you have a models smile!” Yes I felt like a million bucks and I would have never had it without all you guys. YOU ALL ROCK!!!! I tell everyone how wonderful you all are and Maggie will be in your office if she needs braces – so you’re not quite finished with me yet!! Thank you again for the wonderful, professional, and friendly caring people that you are! I am forever grateful!”

– Terri Robertson – 
“My daughter has been going to Wilson Orthodontics and she enjoys every visit. It is not only the best care for your child, it also leaves them with a great appreciation for dental hygiene. It is child friendly and such a cool office. While you wait (which is not very often), your child will enjoy all types of games. It is also a very pleasant atmosphere for you and your children. I highly recommend Dr. Wilson to all of my child’s friends and their families. Much thanks to the whole office!”

– Chrystal Hulsey – 
“Kudos!!! Dr. Wilson and his staff have been exemplary in service and skill. Within the last year, the updates to the office have brought about a new face for change that shows the excitement and new direction that he has in store for the practice. I just had my braces removed, and I could not be more pleased with my orthodontic care. I recommend Dr. Wilson to all people looking into orthodontics. He really works for what is best for his patients. The friendly, well-knowledgeable staff make the office a pleasure to visit!”

– Paul Neese –
“Dr. Wilson was concerned about doing a detailed job. The Damon Smile System was superior to others that pull numerous teeth. Also, the office staff was courteous and accommodating. It was great being able to see my treatment progress by viewing my pictures on-line…their website made it easier to look up routine orthodontic questions.”

– Lynne Cox –
“Dr. Wilson is VERY thorough and personable. He reset Taylor’s bonded retainers because he was not satisfied with the way they appeared though he said they would have worked just fine. He cares about the quality of his work and that is very important. Thank you!”

– Missy Williams – 
“WOW!!! When your kids ask when their next appointment is and they want to go…that pretty much says it all. When you walk in, you feel like you have known the staff all of your life and they are like family. I have 4 children and Dr. Wilson will be treating my whole family. I thank you for making my family feel at home.”

– Jennifer Johnston –
“I was a patient of Dr. Field a hundred years ago and failed to wear my retainers. So, at 33, I found myself needing braces AGAIN!! But Dr. Wilson and his staff have made the process easier with the Invisalign system and the office environment. I love the technology used from e-mailed appointment reminders and confirmations to signing in on the touch screen to digital x-rays to chair-side video games. The office and staff are so efficient that I never have to worry about being away from work for hours waiting to see the doctor as I do at other medical offices. Thanks for all you do to put your patients first!! We appreciate it!!”

– Nicole Collins –
“My son Nicholas was referred to Dr. Wilson’s office by Dr. Goble and I was a patient of Dr. Field many years ago.  The office is very up-to-date and fun for the children while they wait to be seen.  Nicholas is always seated very quickly and wants to go when it is time for his check ups.  The office staff are extremely helpful and professional.  Nicholas has had much success with his orthodontic care and he is only 9 months into his treatment plan.  We can see the difference it will make for the rest of his life…what an awesome thing to actually see.  We all feel like this has been one of the most important decisions made in his life.  We would recommend to anyone that needs good, professional, and fun orthodontic care to give Dr. Wilson a try.”

– Jere Lynn Whitfield –
“As an older patient, it is a pleasure having Wilson Orthodontics taking care of me.  The staff is always outgoing and friendly each visit.  Dr. Wilson’s decorating techniques allow for a relaxing rather than anxious environment.  Keep up the good work gang!”

– Tanner Peacock-
“My name is Tanner Peacock and I love going to my orthodontic appointments.  The ladies in the office are so friendly and it is a very kid friendly place.  They really did an awesome job remodeling the waiting area!  I am 12 years old and my little sisters are excited to start going to Wilson Orthodontics.”

– Rhonda McAndrew –
“We have been so pleased with Wilson Orthodontics! I have never experienced such a consistently pleasant office staff in any doctors office ever! Dr. Wilson takes time with each patient AND parent. AND our girl’s teeth look GREAT! This has always been one appointment that my children didn’t dread. Thanks for all you do!- Laura Becker -“As an adult that decided to get braces, I could not have chosen a better orthodontist! Every time I walk in the office, I am greeted with smiles, and by name! I also appreciate the email appointment confirmations. They remind me to make sure the appointment is on my calendar, and to ensure no other conflicts have come up prior to the appointment. In every way, the staff at Wilson Orthodontics has made this experience a great one.

– Brenda Crumley –
“Dr Wilson and his staff truly care about my daughter’s teeth. They spent a lot of time with us explaining our options and giving us all the information necessary for us to make the best decision for treatment. Everyone makes us feel like we are the only patient in the office. Very attentive. I know this is time and money well spent. I would recommend this practice to everyone.- Jessica Kubacki -“I LOVE being able to get information about appointment times at any time. It’s fast, easy, and effective. Definitely one of the best decisions you have made bringing the office up to date. Also the snippet about chart history (i.e. photos) is encouraging for those who have been wearing braces for a while. It helps remind us that we have come a long way! This is by far the best orthodontic office in the area…I will refer all of my friends here!

– Molly Rooks –
“My son had his braces put on in February. Dr. Wilson and the staff were great. They have a GEORGIA room and game systems for the kids to play while they are waiting. I get reminders by email when his appts. are. If they wear their GOT TIN shirts they receive tokens to turn in later for prizes. I would definitely recommend Dr. Wilson’s office.”

– Margaret McGrath –
“I love my teeth —  I was always embarrassed before to smile and to have people see my teeth.  Also, Dr. Wilson has very friendly staff who seemed to remember who I was every time I came in — very personable!”

– Myra Evans –
“My child is very comfortable with the entire staff.  He feels the professionals working on his braces are his friends.  Very pleasurable experience for us.”

– Martha Zoller –
“After braces, I have a beautiful and confident smile that’s taken 10 years off my age.”

– Donna Miller –
“As an older adult wanting to fix my smile, I was apprehensive about braces. The Wilson Orthodontics staff assured me my quest is worthwhile and have made my experience pleasant. The easy check-in system and short wait experience preclude the welcoming staff that makes you feel special. My experience has been so much easier than I anticipated and the Damon system has moved my teeth quickly. Dr. Wilson and staff have assured me my smile will be beautiful for my daughters wedding.

– Suzanne Zoller –
“Braces gave me an amazing, show stopping smile, and I have everyone here to thank.”

– Shantina Bryant –
“My daughter was a huge fan of Dr. Fields and was a little nervous about seeing Dr. Wilson for the first time.  I’m pleased to say that she has adjusted very well and absolutely loves Dr. Wilson.  Thanks for helping her adapt to the change so well.  The on-line service that they have in their office is a major plus!  I wanted to see my account balance and this was GREAT!!!!!!

– Cathy Wilson –
“I love the friendliness of Dr. Wilson and his staff”

– Courtney Brown –
“Dr. Wilson seems to be very excited about his job.  Also, his website and on-line access provides me with the answers I need without any wait time.  I can look at my appointment on-line.  I have a busy life and this helps.”

– William Balch –
“Dr. Wilson is very easy to talk to, and he speaks on the patients and parents level.”

– Richard George –
“Dr. Wilson is young and innovative.  These kids all love the new stuff that he has put in the office (game room, etc.).”

– Shannon Simpson –
“Our experience was outstanding! From the moment we walked in the door the staff was friendly and very helpful. Dr. Wilson was very patient as my daughter questioned him about everything that was going to happen. She loves her braces but more importantly, she looks forward to going to the Orthodontist office to play games and to see the staff. As a mother who was dreading this experience, I have to say that we would do it again…but only here at Wilson’s Orthodontics.

– Troy McIntyre –
“Wilson Orthodontics is a great place. All of the people are friendly and nice as soon as you walk into the door. They do an awesome job with fixing people’s braces. I recommend to all my friends that Wilson Orthodontics is the best place to get their braces.

– Stephanie Nicholson –
“We have only had the best experience here at Wilson Orthodontics. Thank you for the professional staff and always willing to please. I recommend ya’ll to everyone.”