The Brace Bus


At Wilson Orthodontics, we realize the true sacrifice today’s working parents make when taking off work to bring their child to his or her appointment. Even though we use the latest in orthodontic technology with the Damon Smile System which reduces the number of appointments and overall treatment time your child will have….there are still daily challenges our busy parents encounter in addition to work: kids, sports, after-school activities, and LIFE in general! Our practice is dedicated to excellent customer service, and that is why we have provided yet another complimentary service for our patients to take advantage of… OUR BRACE BUS!

Now, talk about the ultimate EXPERIENCE! Our Brace Bus will pick up and drop off our patients in style from participating schools. Our H2 Hummer Brace Bus is one of the safest vehicles on the road and is equipped specifically for your child to have the ultimate EXPERIENCE! Whether they are enjoying great music, playing video games on our Xbox or PlayStation, or just simply enjoying the ride to their orthodontic appointment…your child will have an orthodontic experience like no other around while your daily schedule is not interrupted. Plus, rest assure that the ride will be safe with our 4 video camera DVR system that has been installed so that you may view the ride under your patient account while at work. That’s right….you can actually watch your child ride to and from their orthodontic appointment!

If you would like for your child to become a part of this wonderful complimentary service…fill out the two attached forms and submit them to the front desk at our office so that we may be able to pick up your child. Preference will be given to families that have two working parents. At Wilson Orthodontics… “We go the extra mile….for your child’s smile!” Come EXPERIENCE!

Meet George Munion, our Brace Bus Driver!

Geroge is a full-time employee of the Hall County School system as a bus driver and prior to that he worked for the State of Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice for 25 years. He has over three years of bus driving experience and currently holds his CDL license. As you know with the school systems, one’s driving record must be immaculate and they perform a thorough background check as well which George has passed with flying colors. Needless to say, he is more qualified than necessary to drive our Brace Bus. George will need to have both the School Authorization & Liability Release Form on file BEFORE he can pick your child up from school. These are annual forms that will need to be filled out for each school year. Worried about your child missing their school lunch? No need to… George will swing through a drive through window to pick up lunch if they miss it.

School Authorization & Liability Release Form